Port Hinchinbrook to Richmond

Sunday July 12th. Charters Towers to Richmond via the A6 Flinders Way.

Another relatively short drive today of 363kms to Richmond along a road strewn with all sorts of road kill e.g. Roos, Wallabies, feral pigs and other indescribable matter. They need to be avoided as they will wreck your car but as you are swerving to avoid them on the narrow road you have to take into account the oncoming Road Trains. These monsters are over 50 metres long and need to be respected. Richmond is a tiny place, just a few small motels and a pop. of 800. It got its name from two graziers who lived in the Richmond River area of NSW who in 1882 made application for a grant of settlement here. The grant was confirmed and they drove all their cattle and livestock hundreds of miles from Casino NSW to settle their new land. The hardships they must have encountered along the way can only be imagined. Tomorrow our destination is Cammoweal, more than 600kms from here so it will be an early start and a full day of road kill and trains to look forward to.

ODO reading from Clarenza = 3417.9 kms

Saturday July 11th Port Hinchinbrook to Charters Towers via the A1 Bruce Highway and A6 Flinders Way

A relatively short day’s drive of just over 300kms got us to CH just after noon. We decided to allow some time here a look around as we heard it was an interesting place. Well it may well have been back around the end of the 19th Century when gold was discovered and the town prospered immensely. Some fine old buildings have survived from those days but that is about the extent of it. A nice place for quick stop and refresh, that’s about it we think. Tomorrow we have a similar length drive to Richmond, population of 800 so we are not expecting too much excitement there.

ODO reading from Clarenza = 3048.7 kms                 

Friday July 10th.

Wow a beautiful bright and sunny day so a brisk walk around the resort after breakfast before a trip down to Halifax and Dungeness, they must have had difficulty coming up with names of their own. Halifax FNQ, sits amid sugar cane plantations quite unlike Halifax Yorks. Dungeness on the other hand bears some similarities to the one in Kent as it sits on the Herbert River with easy access to the Hinchinbrook channel and is a great place to launch your tinnie. Tomorrow we leave here and start the big trek across the top end to Darwin.

ODO reading from Clarenza = 2714.5 kms

Thursday July 9th.

Another grey and typically tropical morning, with rain imminent. Decided to go up to Innisfail, the banana growing capital of FNQ. The area was devastated by a cyclone in 2007 which flattened most of the plantations but things are back to normal now. The Innisfail Show was on but we did not go and consequently missed the “Banana Packing Championships” and the Banana Snapping World Record attempt. Oh well next time perhaps! Went down to Flying Fish Point for lunch  and that was about it until the Ashes came on at 8pm.

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